“Chudail Story” is a Hindi feature film, which is hitting the screens this Friday all over India. The slick theatrical trailers and innovative posters are already gained lots of curiosity among social media.

The director Surya Lakkoju shares some interesting thoughts on his film. ‘Chudail’ is known as a popular female ghost in India and there are countless legends in our traditional culture like the west has Dracula, Vampire, and Boogeyman etc. The most interesting thing about these stories are if you start telling a story, another one quickly jump starts their own stories, which they have already heard or read in own experiences. In a way most of us know already the stories; so what I am offering you is a new twist in your own story.

Smiles and shares further more; taking a cue from these fascinating stories, I am attempting to tell an intense story, that one hasn’t seen till now, in any form of Chudail franchisee films in India.


My offering is; In my film you won’t see any cliché ghostly faces, but what you can expect is highly intensified drama amongst the people who get stuck in situation with a mysterious lady.  Further the suspense will race your imagination, like a riveting thriller. Upon asking how u r expecting the reactions from viewers; experimenting a horror film in thriller way –  I am not nervous but I am curious about the reception.

Asking about cast; Preeti Soni who plays the main character mysterious lady will definitely show runner. She has got arresting looks with outstanding mind of memorising the dialogues not even missing single most word. Coming to another lead actor Amal Sehrawat who played the protagonist, he is melted like butter into the character; with his flawless subtle performance. Remaining cast I chosen through innumerable auditions and among Sunny Charls and Sorab Rajput will surely steal the show.

My producers are initially skeptical about the title “Chudail” because the word has cheap perspective. But eventually they understood what I mean, and given full support and freedom till the end. I am sincerely thankful to them.

The film is presented by Storm Motion Pictures and it is produced by Pratibha Bhosale, Sonal Goenka and Kalpesh Pansare. CHUDAIL STORY is releasing on Friday 13th May through Batra Showbiz.

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