Nandan Jha’s Exclusive interview

Nandan Jha’s Exclusive interview

Don’t get lured by seeing glamorous advertisements and get your dream fulfilled to become something in the glamour world. Perhaps you may get yourself lost in the crowd. Dream becomes true that is linked with passion and your inclination so says Nandan  Jha who has made his base in Mumbai in conversation with K V Raman.

What is he doing at present?

Nandan Jha is taking forward his journey to the dazzling world of neon and glamour wjhich he commenced in 2010. Having done television serials as assistant director and creative director, he has forayed into film production and has floated his own production house and Media Training Institute Placing Dream.

How comfortable has been his journey to fulfill his dream?

After graduating in Mass Communications from Delhi moved to the Mecca of Hindi films, Mumbai six years ago. It has been his childhood dream to wield the megaphone besides being an actor though he realized that it wasn’t that easy. He didn’t have money, no God father or any relatives or close friends for support and he was totally a stranger in the big metropolis like Mumbai where one cannot carry on without any job and money, but he had one wish and confidence in himself.

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What has been his dream?

It is my fervent wish to spread awareness among those people who like me come to Mumbai to get their dream fulfilled by getting break in Bollywood in any department of production. And those who get lured and carried away by associating themselves with the so called Media Organizations Casting Couch and some Television and Film production houses and finally in the end they cannot achieve anything. And for this precise reason, I have floated a Media Training Institute Placing Dreams and enroll aspiring candidates on minimum fees and give them appropriate training and also give them a platform.


About his personal experience after landing in Mumbai to fulfill his dream?

Yes. I had a very bitter experience during my inflexible struggle. I had no work and there were no relatives or friends to come forward to help me in my time of need. And at one time I even decided to pack off and leave Mumbai. Even  after waiting endlessly, finally  nothing happened. Moreover, even after having worked in television serials in various capacities from Assistant Director, Creative Director, and Production Manager and as an Actor, there has been times that I have not received my payment for my loyalty and hard work. In the initial stages when I came to Mumbai, I was very much desperate to get work since I had to send money to my parents as well as to look after myself in this big city. I have even worked with a Trade Mark Communications Company as Marketing Manager for survival.

On his film production?

I have produced a Hindi feature film “Siski” being directed by Varadaraj Swami, Writer of “Manjhi” – The Mountain Man” fame and it in the post production stages.

What other things he has experienced or observed in this film industry?

I have observed that so many aspirants for stardom land in Mumbai and fall into wrong hands and some of them come after selling their properties to make it in films. Then there are some Media Organizations and Acting Institutions who demand exorbitant fees, promise the candidates of good break in films, but finally, nothing happens. In the end the glamour struck aspirants get depressed and dejected they return to their native place. People only see glamour and money, but fail to reality and the aftermath. In fact these so called Media Organizations flourish on funds after collecting them from strugglers as their charges to get a break in films.

Nandan Jha, through his Media Training Institute Placing Dreams and Production has helped sons of auto drivers such as Tanmaay as Assistant Director and Nilesh Pal son of a Crane Driver as Chief Assistant Director in “Crime Petrol” a Detective Serial, and also one Rahul Jha.


Nandan Jha’s object through his Media Training Institute?

To enroll good and deserving candidates, charge them nominal fees and help them get break in their chosen career and spread awareness among those aspirants not to get carried away with glamour advertisements and Media Organizations and or Coordinators. Casting Couch.

Nandan Jha has his institution besides Mumbai in Pune, Delhi, Lucknow and in Melbourne Australia. In fact those students after undergoing course are recommended to my Institution which believes to turn one’s personal quest for self improvement into a rewarding achievement.

Finally his message to the glamour struck aspirants?

Have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself. Dream turns true and to have faith in it.

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