I Have More to Offer to a Female Character than Just Glamorising Her Body: Deepak Saraswat 

I Have More to Offer to a Female Character than Just Glamorising Her Body: Deepak Saraswat 

As world is seeing the technological improvement in modern time, stereotypes against women hasn’t been changed. On an occasion related to such issues, filmmaker and Director Deepak Saraswat put forth his views on changing lifestyle of modern women.  We have entered in 21st century and even till this time; women in our society haven’t been empowered. Besides the issues like violence against them observed at home, office or any other public place they have always been objectified. 
Women should not be ignored as almost one half growth of the country is hindered if they lack the opportunities. 

From the ancient time, women have only been objectified by being considered for enjoyment. They have been humiliated, exploited and tortured in the family and social life. 


“I am interested in making women centric films to break new grounds in the industry. While talking about women in Bollywood, most of the people have only one image in their mind; a sensuous woman trying to seduce the man. I want to change this image by adding substance to the women roles.”  There are some Bollywood movies in which women have played the lead role and have claimed accolades for their performances. 

“I don’t see the women as glam dolls.”  The audience expects certain stereotypes and over the years it has become an easy option for filmmakers to establish characters. In a typical film, the filmmaker relies on outfit, mannerism and dialogues to characterize and distinguish a good character woman from a bad character woman.  

Clothes are the easiest way to associate and depict the character of female in a film. Despite a spate of several prominent female oriented films offering meaty roles to heroines and several promising women filmmakers creating offbeat cinema in recent times, our films have rarely got rid of stereotypes. 

“I want to outgrow the set pattern of demarcating the characters. Over the past five years we are noticing the perfectly sculpted actresses, donning scanty outfits. But I would like to draw the attention of the people to the fact that there is a fundamental mismatch in attitudes towards sex within Indian society and what the majority of the entertainment industry portrays.” 
Bollywood has a powerful role in shaping mind-sets and behaviours in India.  “In my eyes, Bollywood is much more than just entertainment industry. For over many decades, aspirations of many Indians have been reflected in movies. I have more to offer to a female character than just her body.” 

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